Why has Marvel Studios/Disney still not released The Eternals trailer?

By Stephen Ippolito | August 9th, 2020

In April, I wrote a piece about what to expect in the first trailer for the upcoming Marvel Studios film The Eternals. Back then, the Phase 4 film was slated to come out in November. If you go by the Studio’s history with movies released during that month, then it seemed the first glimpse of the team in action was upon us. Shortly after I published the article,  It was announced that the film had been pushed back to February 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So the trailer’s release was put on hold.

With six months to go before it’s intended release, the question recently has been why has Marvel Studios and its parent company Disney, still not released the highly anticipated footage yet? The answer is the same reason behind just about every decision the company makes, money.

Because of the uncertainty that the film will be able to be released in February, Disney does not want to spend any money promoting it. Now just releasing it online wouldn’t cost them that much money, if any. However, a company as big as Disney doesn’t just want to do a trailer release. They want a whole global marketing campaign, and that would cost a lot of money. Judging by how well MCU films have done at the box office in the last decade, their marketing strategies work.

There are not that many people out that want to see the trailer released as bad as me. I do understand the companies reasoning behind it. Especially after seeing last week how much revenue they’ve lost this year because of the pandemic.

With the uncertainty of when major theater chains will open back up, there’s no telling when we will know if The Eternals will be pushed back a second time. All of Hollywood itself has been trying to figure it out and not just Disney. Hopefully, it’s soon. That way I can find out if I was correct in any of the things I wrote in my article.

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