Who will be the next Avengers villain?

By Stephen Ippolito | March 28th, 2020

Since the fall of Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, fans have been wondering who is the next big bad to take on earth’s mightiest heroes. As usual, Marvel Studios has been tight-lipped on who they will square off against. It’s not expected to drop for 4-5 years, but you can definitely expect small clues throughout Phase 4. Until then, I’ve come up with a few candidates and give my take on who it could be.

Doctor Doom

Since Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox Studio, It was assumed that the treacherous Doctor Victor Von Doom would be making his way to the MCU. Known mostly as a Fantastic Four villain, Doom has gone up against the Avengers on numerous occasions.

Doom has appeared in Marvel films before. His recent portrayals in Fox’s Fantastic Four movies were not well-received (2005, 2007, 2015). Fans are hoping that Marvel Studios’ magic will be able to change that and bring the Doctor Doom that was feared and loved throughout Marvel’s history.

Personally, I do not think Doom will be the choice. Known as a genius mastermind, the doctor tends to come up with plans that lead to bigger things. This would be how I could see him used. He starts off as the focal point, but midway through the film, his actions lead to something more terrifying than even him. Or maybe he would be a puppet like Loki was in the first Avengers film. 

Doom on his throne

Kang the Conquer

As one of the Avengers’ oldest foes, Kang the Conquer has given the team many headaches over the years. First appearing in Avengers #8 in 1964, Kang is a time traveler from the 31st century. With an arsenal of advanced technology at his disposal, he is more than capable of taking on earth’s mightiest heroes.

An interesting thing about Kang is throughout his history, there have been more than one version of him. Immortus, Rama-Tut are just a few different alternate versions of Kang who have appeared throughout history. Most of them are future selves of Kang, who tend to give him even trouble.

Ultimately I believe Kang will not be the choice either. The more news of the upcoming Loki series on Disney+ that comes out, the more I think he’s going to be the villain in that series.

 Recent reports say Loki will be forced to become an agent of the Time Variance Authority, a type of time police. With Kang being the most famous time traveler in the Marvel Universe, many wonder if he is going to square off with the God of Mischief. I could even see the show using Kang’s alternate versions. In each episode, Kang would appear in another form, and we find out at the end that it was him all along. So if he is being set up as the series’ villain, this would certainly rule him out as the next Avengers foe.


Another character Disney acquired from their Fox purchase was Galactus. First appearing in the Fantastic Four series in 1966, he is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Comic Universe. He’s so powerful that it became common among fans to measure characters’ power levels on how they rank against the massive god-like being. Born before the Big Bang, Galactus travels the universe searching for planets to destroy and feed on. In 1966 earth became his target, but his plans were halted by the Fantastic Four. Since then, he’s battled the Avengers on many occasions.

Galactus has appeared in Marvel films before. In 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer he appears at the end of the film. His appearance, however, is one of the most disappointing occurrences in Comic book movie history. Instead of having a physical form, Galactus was depicted as a giant smoke creature. Needless to say, no one was pleased. I can almost guarantee that Marvel Studios will not make this same mistake.

If there was any way for Marvel Studios to go higher then Thanos, Galactus would be their man. That is the exact reason why I do not think he will be the next Avengers villain. The studio I believe, will save him for there Avengers: Endgame type film, which is probably 10 years down the road. The next big bad is going to be a tune-up for the team, kind of how Ultron was in the second Avengers film. It will be someone who could draw the attention of Galactus and force him into the picture.


Michael Korvac has battled the Avengers many times over the years. His “Korvac Saga” in the 1970s, which saw the god-like being take on both the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, is considered one of the best story arcs in Marvel Comics history.

Born in the 29th century, Korvac clashed with original Guardians of the Galaxy. At one point, he traveled to a space station that belonged to Galactus. Here he downloaded knowledge and technology so advanced that it gave him his extraordinary powers. His new abilities enabled him to believe that he could use his power to reshape the universe into a utopia.

From here, the “Korvac Saga” story began as Korvac began his quest. He was so powerful that he was able to take on both the Avengers and Guardians without breaking a sweat. He would have succeeded in destroying them had a woman he had fallen in love with, Carina, not started to doubt him. From here, he committed suicide, and his plans were foiled. At the end, the Avengers came to realize that Korvac’s intention was not to conquer the universe but to make it better, giving sympathy to his death.

This is who I think will be the next villain to take on the Avengers. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said multiple times that good stories are what the studio prioritizes when making these movies. As part of one of the most famous stories in Marvel Comic history, Korvac certainly has that. He would also be the perfect tune-up before someone like Galactus. His origin story already involves him, so it makes even more sense.

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