Who is Christian Bale playing in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Who is Christian Bale playing in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Gorr The God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher may not be the Thunder Gods’ oldest villain, but he certainly is a formidable one.  Making his debut in 2013’s Thor: God of Thunder #2, Gorr was born on a planet with no name. His life was full of many tragedies. He lost his mother and father when he was young, his wife and children would also perish from different occurrences.


After the death of his last son, Gorr lost all hope and pronounced that gods did not exist. However, to his surprise, two gods engaged in battle when they crashed on his planet. Angered that gods did exist and did not help his family when he needed them, Gorr grabbed one of the god’s weapons (All-Black the Necrosword) when he was weakened and killed him. Afterward, he vowed to kill all gods with his new weapon.

Out of all the villains we have gone over, this one makes the most sense for Bale. Gorr has a deep background and a lot of character depth. So it will take an actor that doesn’t only look the part but can act the part. Bale, who has a supporting actor Oscar under his belt, can certainly do that. As for his appearance, I’m sure they either just CGI it or change it to more humanoid.

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