Who is Christian Bale playing in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Who is Christian Bale playing in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Beta Ray Bill

When news broke that Christin Bale was in talks to join the fourth installment of the Thor franchise, the name Beta Ray Bill became one of the top 3 trending topics on Twitter that day. A lot of fans were hoping that Bale’s casting would mean the debut of one of Thor’s most beloved characters.


 Beta Ray Bill debuted in the Thor comic series in 1983. He is of the Korbinites race. His origin began when he and his people fled their homeworld after it was destroyed by Surtur. Being the strongest of his people, his conscious was transferred into a cybernetic super suit that resembles a horse-like creature. While the rest of his people were put into stasis sleep, he would stay awake and guard the ship until their destination was reached.

Betta Ray Bill when he first picks up Mjolnir

Thor came into the picture when Beta Ray Bill’s ship passed by Earth’s galaxy. The Thunder God went to scout the ship but was soon attacked by Bill. During the battle it was discovered that he could lift Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, something thought to be impossible. After the battle, sensing he was worthy, Thor’s father Odin gave Bill his own hammer, Stormbreaker.

Clearly Bale does not resemble a horse like humanoid, but after Mark Rufflo’s motion-captured Professor Hulk role in Avengers: Endgame, anything was possible. Those hopes though slowly went down when it was reported that Bale’s role would be the film’s villain. I do still think that it is still possible that Bale could still play him. It could be that the MCU’s Beta Ray Bill is evil (not sure how fans would take that) or it could be that he starts out evil and then switches, somewhat how it was in the comics. Chances are this will not be who Bale plays but it definitely would bring the most hype to the film if It was.

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