Tony Revolori confirmed to return as Flash Thompson in the untitled Spider-Man 3 film

By Stephen Ippolito | July 29th, 2020

In what should come as a surprise to no one, actor Tony Revolori has been confirmed to return as one of Peter Parker’s classmates (Flash Thompson) in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 film. The news was reported by Deadline.

Throughout the first two MCU Spider-Man films, Flash has been nothing but an asshole to Parker. Always bringing up the fact that he’s richer than everyone, he never misses an opportunity to make fun of or embarrass his fellow classmate.

One thing that will be interesting to see is if the third film explores that moment of sympathy for Flash we saw at the end of Far From Home. When everyone’s getting picked up at the airport, Flash sees that one of his chauffeurs is picking him up instead of his mother. In a very dejected tone, he asks the driver, “could mother not make it?”. The driver gives a no type of look, and Flash makes a sad face. Perhaps we will find out why Flash acts the way he does.

While not confirmed, it is expected that both Zendaya (MJ) and Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds) will return for the Sony and Marvel Studios produced film.

Jon Watts will once again be behind the director’s chair when filming begins sometime in the Fall. Originally the film was supposed to come out on July 16, 2021, but it was moved to November 2021 because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Then in a strategic move by Sony, last week, it was pushed back a month to December 17, 2021.

Will Peter Parker turn to Doctor Strange for help in the next Spider-Man film?

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