The first reactions to Black Widow are in (No Spoilers)

By Stephen Ippolito | June 17th, 2021

At 12 PM ET today, critics/reporters who were able to watch an early screening of Marvel Studios’ upcoming film Black Widow, were allowed to post their reactions on social media.

As usual most of the reviews are positive. A lot of praise was given to Scarlett Johansson, in what is probably her final performance as the super spy. Other bright spots seem to be David Harbour’s Red Guardian and Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova. One criticism I have seen from a few people is the film’s villain Taskmaster. In fact, one review described it as a “Big Disappointment”.

It’s been a long road for Black Widow to get released. Originally it was supposed to come out in May 2020, but because of the pandemic, it was pushed back to November 2020. Then in September, when things were not improving, it was moved again to May 2021. It was then pushed a third time and will now arrive in theaters and Disney+ Premier Access on July 9th.

Tickets for Black Widow went on sale last Friday. As usual, when a new MCU film comes out, I plan on seeing the film twice on opening night.

Check out the reviews below:

5 thoughts on “The first reactions to Black Widow are in (No Spoilers)

  1. So we’re finally getting Black Widow in theaters FINALLY! Can’t wait to see it don’t know how their gonna pull off a post credit scene since it’s Black Widow’s LAST performance which stinks but ok that’s fine. Can’t wait to see it gonna be there opening night right there with you. You can see my review when it comes out on Maxreviews so I’m expecting a 8 let’s see if it gets there.. What do you expect this film to be good bad horrible amazing or great?

      1. yea I can agree with that I’m not a Black Widow Super Fan but I can feel the nostalgia that we’re getting a marvel film after 2 years

  2. As usually most of the reviews are positive.

    As usually? Really? That’s what’s passing for journalism these days?

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