Spider-Man: No Way Home is now the highest-grossing Sony film of all time

By Stephen Ippolito | December 29th, 2021

After bringing in $49.7M globally yesterday, Spider-Man: No Way Home is officially the highest-grossing movie in Sony Pictures’ history with a worldwide total of $1.16B. The film unseated the last Spider-Man film (Far From Home), which earned $1.13B in 2019.

So far, the film has earned $516.4M in North America. Only three MCU films have made more to date (Avengers: Endgame $858M, Black Panther $700M, Avengers: Infinity War $678M). While it’s unlikely to top Endgame’s domestic total, it should top the other two by the end of its run.

In international markets, No Way Home has brought in an impressive $644.9M. Of course, the film did not get a release in China, which is arguably the biggest market in the world.

Over the weekend, Deadline reported that the film has already earned a net profit of $242M for Sony and Disney. According to the outlet, that total could grow to $610M if it brings in $1.75B+ at the worldwide box office. Production cost for the film was around $200M, while marketing itself was reportedly even more.

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