Spider-Man: No Way Home ($703.9M) passes Black Panther ($700M) at the all-time domestic box office

By Stephen Ippolito | January 17th, 2022

After passing The Avengers and Avengers: Infinity War last week, Spider-Man: No Way Home has topped another MCU film overall at the domestic box office. During the four-day holiday weekend, the Sony and Marvel Studios movie grossed $26M. With an overall total of $703.9M, it has now moved ahead of 2018’s Black Panther ($700M) to become the fourth highest grossing movie of all-time in North America and the second highest overall for an MCU film (Avengers: Endgame $858M).

Unfortunately, fourth might be the highest the Tom Holland-led film will go stateside as Avatar is still about $60M ahead of it ($760M).

To date, No Way Home has also grossed $926M in International markets to give it a massive worldwide total of $1.629B. The film has done exceptionally well in Latin American countries like in Mexico where it is now their highest grossing film ever ($72M) and Brazil ($50.4M) where its second overall.

By the end of its run, No Way Home should pass both The Lion King ($1.654B) and Jurassic World ($1.669B) to move into the sixth overall spot globally.

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