Sam Wilson’s new Captain America costume for Falcon and the Winter Soldier revealed in a toy leak (Spoilers)

By Stephen Ippolito | March 25th, 2021

During the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, we learned that Anthony Mackie’s character Sam Wilson turned downed the role of being the MCU’s new Captain America.  This led to John Walker seemingly being handed the position instead. However, by the series’ end, it’s pretty certain that Wilson will have changed his mind and finally take up the role.

Thanks to Marvelous News, we now have our first look at what Falcon will look like as the new Captain America.

As you can see, the site discovered the Marvel Select action figure on an official Disney retailer. Marvel and Disney must not have been too happy about this because the site has now removed the image.

The costume itself looks pretty badass. With a Red, White, and Blue look, it’s clearly trying to resemble Steve Rodgers’ Cap outfit. It’s also similar to Falcon’s look in the comics when he becomes the new Cap.

So what do you think? You like the costume? Catch the second episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier tomorrow on Disney+.

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