Rumor: Marvel Studios wants to sign Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds to the MCU’s largest contract

By Stephen Ippolito, October 4th, 2020

While MCU news has taken off the last month, info on a third Deadpool movie remained silent. Now, thanks to known scooper Daniel Richtman, we finally have some news about the Ryan Reynolds led franchise.

On his Patreon account, Richtman reports that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Disney want to continue the franchise. In fact, they are even willing to give him the “biggest contract” in the history of the MCU.

Now Richtman doesn’t specifically say what “biggest contract” means, which I find strange. Whether it’s the “biggest” in terms of money or film appearances or both, Richtman did not go into detail.

The last six months had looked kind of shaky when it came to whether the merc with a mouth would make his way to the MCU. In May, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld said it was Marvel’s fault that a third film had not been made yet. This came a couple of weeks after Reynolds himself seemed to question that the film would even happen.

Well, if this report is accurate, it is good to see that Feige and Marvel want to continue the popular franchise with Reynolds. The question now becomes will it be rated R?

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