Rumor: Hercules will soon debut in the MCU

By Stephen Ippolito | June 5th, 2020

Back in the early days of Marvel Comics and the Avengers (1960s), Hercules, the legendary Greek mythological hero, was once apart of Earth’s Mightiest heroes.  The once rival of Thor joined the team after being banished to earth by his father Zeus. According to a report by The Cinema Spot, he might be coming to the MCU sometime during Phase 4.

The report did not specify if Hercules will be getting his own project or supporting role. It just said that he will appear in the MCU sometime in the “near future.”  Since he was more of a supportive character in the comics, one would think it would be supportive.

At one point, The Olympian God of Strength was rumored to appear in the upcoming Eternals film, which takes place over 1000s of years. However, with shooting wrapped and no leaks online, it seems unlikely that he will be appearing.

Two other projects that he potentially could appear are the Loki series and Thor: Love and Thunder. Like mentioned before, Hercules once battled Thor in the old days of Marvel Comics. Perhaps the same could happen in the fourth installment of the Thor franchise.

My guess though, is that he is going to appear in Loki. It’s rumored that in the show, the God of Mischief will become a time cop. In each episode, he will travel to different periods in earth’s history. It could be that one of those places is ancient Greece, and this is where he would appear.

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