Rumor: Captain Marvel 2 will set up the next Avengers story

By Stephen Ippolito | April 17th, 2020

The biggest question MCU fans have going into Phase 4 is what’s next for the Avengers? At San Diego Comic-Con last summer, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige showed off plenty of what’s to come for the heroes going into Phase 4. But he made no mention of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as a whole and what challenges they will face. Well, according to MCU’s Jeremy Conrad, a new rumor has surfaced that might explain when we will find out what’s in store for the record-breaking box-office franchise.

According to Conrad, Captain Marvel 2 will set up the next Avengers story. This would make a lot of sense because Feige has said in the past that Captain Marvel will lead the MCU going forward. So perhaps she will take on the Tony Stark/Steve Rodgers role of the team. It would also imply that maybe the next Avengers foe would not be coming from earth but somewhere in the galaxy. Perhaps at the end of the film, Carol Danvers finds out about this threat and returns to earth to assembly a new team.

After being officially announced for a July 2022 release date recently, the sequel is still in the early stages of development and does not yet even have a director. However, it did hire writer Megan McDonnell to pen the script back in January.

As always, keep in mind that this is a rumor. Conrad and MCU have been a reliable site, but the fact that even he said it was a rumor, implies that there’s a chance it may not be accurate. 

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