Report: Matt Damon cast in Thor: Love and Thunder

By Stephen Ippolito | January 17th, 2021

Matt Damon has reportedly joined the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder. The report comes to us from The Daily Mail, who recently talked to the actor after he arrived in Australia with his family for filming.

For those that don’t remember, Damon actually appeared in the last Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok. It was very small role that saw the Boston native in only one scene. In it, he played an on-stage theater performance of Loki. It’s unclear if Damon’s role will be another cameo or if it will be larger.

My gut tells me that it is going to be another small role. If it was a bigger part, I feel he wouldn’t be telling some random news outlet.  It would be breaking from one of the Hollywood trades.

The only reason he is probably doing this is because it’s like a vacation for him. He gets to go to Australia with his family for a couple weeks and he only has to work for a day or two. He’s also friends with Chris Hemsworth, so I’m sure that’s another reason why he’s doing it. I hope I’m wrong, and it is a big part, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

The fourth entry in the Thor franchise is shaping up to be it’s biggest one yet. Joining the God of Thunder will be Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Sif (Jaimie Alexander), Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and other members of the Guardians. They will all be going up against Gorr The God Butcher who will be played by Christian Bale.

The film will once again be written and directed by Taika Waititi.  Look for Thor: Love and Thunder to hit theaters on May 6, 2022.

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