Report: Marvel Studios is prioritizing its shows for Disney+ right now

By Stephen Ippolito | November 23rd, 2020

In October, the Walt Disney Company announced it was reorganizing its business to focus more on Disney+. With its streaming service booming and every media company realizing the future of entertainment is in streaming, the move seemed logical. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when a report by The Hollywood Reporter says that Marvel Studios is doing the same thing.

According to the outlet, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and the rest of his team are prioritizing their shows for their streamer over their movies.

The thinking behind this is that the studio believes that the film side is “well established.” After 23 movies and grossing $22.55 billion at the global box-office, I would say they are right. It’s the shows that are the new territory for Marvel Studios. Never before has the studio produced a series. That was always done by Marvel TV. So the move seems to make sense and isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the studio. I’m sure when the time comes for an Avengers film, the focus will shift back.

Another news item that The Hollywood Reporter broke in the article was that production for Moon Knight (starring Oscar Isaac) and She-Hulk (starring Tatiana Maslany) will begin in March. Despite Maslany recently denying her involvement in the series, the outlet seemed pretty confident that she will, in fact, be in it. 

WandaVision will premiere on Disney+ on January 15th

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