Report: Falcon and Winter Soldier will debut another Young Avengers member

By Stephen Ippolito | January 4th, 2021

It certainly feels like Marvel Studios is gearing up for a Young Avengers series or film. With Cassie Lang now a teenager and the addition of Kate Bishop and America Chavez, it shouldn’t be to long until the young superhero team arrives in the MCU.

Now thanks to report from Murphy’s Multiverse, another member of the team will be debuting in the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. According to the outlet, actor Elijah Richardson has been cast as Eli Bradley, whose better known in the comics as The Patriot. The outlet says that the character will appear in two episodes.

Eli was introduced in the comics in the first Young Avengers series back in 2005. He is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, whose known as the Black Captain America. In the story, Eli gained his super-soldier abilities after receiving a blood fusion from his grandfather.

Back in February, it was reported that Carl Lumbly had been cast in the series as Isaiah Bradley. So perhaps the show will follow the Patriot’s same origin and by the end of the series he will become the Captain America like Young Avenger.

The Falcon and Winter Soldier will hit Disney+ on March 19th. Last month, during Disney’s Investor Day, we finally got some footage of the big-budgeted show when a trailer was released.

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