Report: Black Widow still set for theatrical release first

By Stephen Ippolito | March 30th, 2020

Despite recent speculation that the MCU’s Phase 4 film could be released on VOD or Disney+, a new report now says that will not be the case. Over the weekend, a “contact” for Disney told Comic Book that Black Widow will “definitely” be released in theaters first. The contact added that the Studio still does not know the date that it will hit theaters.

Originally scheduled to open May 1st, the film was pushed back to an undetermined date due to the Coronavirus. Recently studios have been releasing their movies that were in theaters for 1-2 weeks on VOD. Fans were hoping this was going to be the case with Black Widow.  However, with expectations of grossing over a $1 Billion at the world box office, the company could not afford to lose out on that kind of revenue.

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