Report: Black Panther’s Okoye is getting her own “origin” series for Disney+

By Stephen Ippolito | May 27th, 2021

In February, it was announced that Black Panther director Ryan Coogler would develop a series based on Wakanda for Disney+. Now thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we might have some more details about the series.

In a profile piece about lawyer Jamie Mandelbaum, the outlet revealed that he negotiated a deal for actress Danai Gurira (who plays Okoye) to reprise her role not only in the sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but her own “origin spinoff series for Disney+”.

While the article didn’t say if this was the show that Coogler would be developing, I think it’s safe to say he will somehow be involved. Hopefully, more details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

As for Gurira and the rest of the Black Panther cast, they’re expected to begin filming the sequel in July. Slated to be released on July 8th, 2022, not much is known about the plot of the film. In December, the studio announced that it would not recast T’Challa (aka Black Panther) after Chadwick Boseman’s tragic passing last August.

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