Opinion: Florence Pugh Will Become The MCU’s New Black Widow

By Stephen Ippolito | Feb. 12 2020

With Scarlett Johansson set to make her eighth appearance as the super-spy Natasha Romanoff in the upcoming Black Widow movie, it’s pretty much all but said that this will be her final appearance in the role. After all her character was killed off in Avengers: Endgame, which takes place after the events of Black Widow. So will the MCU replace the famed spy following Johansson’s departure? I think yes.

That replacement will be none other than Florence Pugh’s character who makes her debut in the upcoming Widow film. In the comics, there are multiple people that take up the role of “Black Widow”. Pugh’s character, Yelena Belova, is one of them.

In the trailers it’s already said that Romanoff is a “sister-like” figure to Belova, so they have a similar set of skills and training. She is also 11 years younger then Johansson (24 and 35) so it would make sense that you would go that direction because she could then play the role for 10 or so years as Johansson did. Pugh is also becoming a rising star in Hollywood. The British actress is coming off a year in which she had critically acclaimed roles in Fighting With My Family and Little Women for which she earned an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actress. So the signs seem to be there that she would make a suitable replacement.

My dream scenario is that at the end or during the mid-credits scene of ‘Black Widow’, the film flashes forward to the events of Tony Stark’s funereal in Avengers: Endgame. In the scene, we find out that Pugh’s character was watching the ceremony from a distance and maybe we eventually see her interact with someone, possibly Hawkeye or Bruce Banner?

Update: April, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the film has been delayed and will now be released November 6, 2020.

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