Opinion: U.S. Agent will be “big bad” in Falcon & Winter Soldier

By Stephen Ippolito | Feb. 14, 2020

The upcoming The Falcon & Winter Soldier is one of the most anticipated series/films to be released this summer. It is expected to premiere on Disney+ in August and will mark the first time that Marvel Studios produces something for the small screen.

The series will pick up after the events of Avengers: Endgame and follow Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) and how they deal with the death of their friend, Steve Rodgers (Captain America). If you saw Endgame then you know that at the end of the movie a very old Rodgers (long story) passes his shied to Wilson, presumably making him the new ‘Captain America’. This will also be another plotline in the series, Sam learning to take over the role of ‘Captain America’.

Also returning is Sharon Carter, who was briefly the love interest of Steve Rodgers, and also Helmont Zemo, the main villain in Captain America: Civil War. It will also introduce John Walker aka U.S. Agent, the main topic of this article.

Captain America vs U.S. Agent on the cover of 'Captain America's' 350th issue
Captain America vs U.S. Agent on the cover of ‘Captain America’s’ 350th issue

Walker, who debuted in the comics in 1986, has been a superhero and villain throughout his history. Like Steve Rodgers, he was given a serum that granted him superhuman enhancements, similar to Captain America. He is famously remembered for wearing a black suit version of Captain America’s (pictured above).

Starting out as a hero, Walker because of jealousy began a rivalry with Captain America. He would later be appointed as the new Captain America by the government after Steve Rogers gives up the mantle in protest of who he has to report to. During his time as Captain America, he tends to be more brutally physical. This includes beating an enemy to death out of anger. In the end however,  after a story arc that saw the Red Skull transfer himself into a cloned body of Steve Rogers, Walker realized that he did not deserve the mantle of ‘Captain America’, and returned the shield to Steve Rodgers.

 Helmont Zemo's new appearance teased at 2019 Comic Con
Helmont Zemo’s new appearance teased at 2019 Comic Con

So as you can see U.S Agent has been on both sides of the aisle. The question now becomes what side will he be on in the series? I believe, like the comics, he will start out good then make his way over to the dark side with Zemo.

There’s a couple of ways this can happen. One, Zemo is a smart man who as he did in Civil War, is capable of manipulating people and situations. So whose to say he won’t be able to do the same with U.S Agent and turn him into a baddie by conniving him “he is right, they are wrong”. Two, like in the comics he will become the new “Captain America” and his emotions will get the best of him and he will become violent. It will then be up to Sam and Bucky to stop him. Third, Zemo will brainwash him and control him as he did with Bucky in Civil War.

So there are a number of ways that Walker will turn into the series’ “big bad”. Personally I think it’s going to be the second situation. It goes by what happened in the comics and it just seems like the least far fetched and most logical. All I know is that Zemo is not going to be the only bad guy in the series. He just doesn’t seem like a big enough threat physically, he is intelligent enough though, so unless there’s some kind of hidden villain, U.S. Agent has to be the “big bad”.

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