My Top 5 Worst MCU Villains

1. Malekith (Thor: The Dark World, 2013)


In March, I wrote a piece in which I said Ivan Vanko was the worst bad guy in the history of MCU. Since then, however, after seeing Thor: The Dark World on TV again, I have alternated my stance and now think Malekith is the worst villain in the MCU.

Thor: The Dark World overall was not a good movie in the MCU. Leading up to and during production their were all sorts of problems. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it delivered my worst MCU foe.

Christopher Eccleston as Malekith

Malekith was just so forgetful, in fact I had to look up his name for this piece because I forgot it. His master plan was so generic and brought nothing new to the franchise. Sure some of the fight scenes he and his soldiers were involved in were good, but overall he didn’t even feel like a real threat physically to the Thunder God. The actual bad guy who could stand up to Thor was Kurse. If it wasn’t for Loki and him working together, he probably would have killed him.

What’s a shame to is I actually liked the actor that played him, Christopher Eccleston. He was one of my favorites to play Doctor Who. But between all the drama behind the scenes and the studio not knowing yet how to make a good Thor film, it really should come as no surprise that it delivered my choice for worst villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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