My Top 5 Strongest Villains In The MCU

2. Dormammu (Doctor Strange, 2016)

In terms of raw power, Dormammu is the most powerful being we’ve seen so far in the MCU. Appearing in 2016’s Doctor Strange, Dormammu is an inter-dimensional entity who lives in the Dark Dimension. He is so powerful that he conquers entire universes and absorbs them into his. If it wasn’t for Doctor Strange outsmarting him, he would have been able to conquer the earth and the rest of the MCU.


Ego, Surtur and Hela would not stand a chance against him. Dormammu would vaporize them all instantly. Honestly, he would probably still win if they teamed up, and it was 1 vs. 3. He is that powerful, and that’s the reason that he’s number two on my list.

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