My Top 5 Strongest Villains In The MCU

By Stephen Ippolito | June 9th, 2020

There have been some fierce villains to take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes through the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A lot of them were even stronger than the heroes but ended up losing because good seems to always win in Marvel. For this reason, I have decided to do a top 5 strongest villains in the MCU.

First, I want to clarify what I mean by the strongest. I don’t actually mean who is physically the strongest. I mean, who would win in a fight one-on-one. For example, who would win in a showdown between Hela and Thanos? The winner would then be deemed the strongest.

5. Ego The Living Planet (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, 2017)

Ego in his human form

The Guardians of the Galaxy had their hands full in there their second outing. Ego The Living Planet, played by Kurt Russell, is exactly as the name says, a living planet. Everything on the surface of his world he has complete control over. He can change the layout out of his surface to anything he desires, and he can also create these energy type arms that he can use to attack you. If you are on his planet and sees you as a threat, good luck beating him because he will destroy you quickly.

He does have one flaw however, that makes him not higher on this list. At the center of his core is his heart, and if you destroy it, then he will die. This is precisely what the Guardians did in Vol. 2. Someone who is very durably could withstand his attacks until they get to his core. However the keyword in that is “withstand’ which is easier said than done.

4. Hela (Thor: Ragnarok, 2017)

Hela is a powerful badass villain. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, no one has made an entrance like her in the MCU. When she first appeared, she destroyed Mjölnir, killed the Warriors 3, and slaughtered all of Asgard’s army. Right off the bat, we learned just how powerful she is. As we saw in Thor: Ragnarok, she has the power to manifest weapons from her body, so she is very lethal. These are strong blades too, so strong that they injury Thor and even Surtur.

She’s also very durable, which is why I have her ahead of Ego. He would not be able to kill her before she destroys his heart. So why is she only number 4? If you saw Ragnarok, you know she is killed by another villain that you will find out about on the next page. As strong as she is, there are more powerful beings that exist in the MCU.

3. Surtur (Thor: Ragnarok, 2017)

At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, we got to see the real power of Surtur. Loki threw his crown into the Eternal Flame, and he grew into a giant. He would then use his Twilight Sword to kill Hela and destroy Asgard. In this form, there are very few beings in the MCU that could kill the fire giant.

We already know he would destroy Hela. If Surtur went up against Ego The Living Planet, it would also be no contest. The giant demon would stick his sword right through Ego’s whole planet that would destroy his heart. This is why I have Surtur as my third strongest villain.

2. Dormammu (Doctor Strange, 2016)

In terms of raw power, Dormammu is the most powerful being we’ve seen so far in the MCU. Appearing in 2016’s Doctor Strange, Dormammu is an inter-dimensional entity who lives in the Dark Dimension. He is so powerful that he conquers entire universes and absorbs them into his. If it wasn’t for Doctor Strange outsmarting him, he would have been able to conquer the earth and the rest of the MCU.

Ego, Surtur and Hela would not stand a chance against him. Dormammu would vaporize them all instantly. Honestly, he would probably still win if they teamed up, and it was 1 vs. 3. He is that powerful, and that’s the reason that he’s number two on my list.

1. Thanos (With Infinity Gauntlet)

This was a tough decision because if Thanos doesn’t have the Infinity Gauntlet, Dormammu would kill him easily. With the Gaunlet and Stones, all Thanos has to do is snap his finger and he is gone. So I made the executive decision of saying he’s number one because of the Gauntlet. Otherwise he would be two.

While he would not be a match for Dormammu, on his own, Thanos is still very powerful. He’s strong enough to take on and beat the Hulk, and he’s also a master battle strategist. His determination to win is also very high. As we saw in Avengers: Endgame, he would sacrifice his own troops just to win or get out of a tricky spot. Other than Dormammu, Thanos, on his own, would be able to beat Ego, Surtur or Hela.

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18 thoughts on “My Top 5 Strongest Villains In The MCU

  1. While Thanos did beat the hulk, he did not do so on basis of his own strength alone. He had the power stone and that gave him the extra strength to beat the hulk. Banner says so when the hulk crashes to earth and changes back to banner again. Banner warns dr strange that thanos is on his way and has the power stone so he is the strongest being in the universe now. We never have gotten hulk vs thanos one on one, under their own power without thanos having an advantage of an infinity stone to aid him in the fight.

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