My Top 5 Favorite MCU Moments

My top 5 MCU moments

3. Tony Stark’s Funeral Scene (Avengers: Endgame, 2019)

Tony Stark's Funeral Scene

This might not have been my favorite, but it definitely was the most emotional scene in the history of the MCU. The first couple of times I saw this in theaters, I have to admit I teared up a little bit. I always knew that Tony Stark’s death was a very likely possibility. But to see it and then how nearly all the Avengers came together to pay their respects was just so powerful.


 Of course, the music for it was spectacular. It perfectly fit the type of emotion that it was showing. Also the camera movement was really something. To see it, slowly go through all the heroes and separate them from different franchises in the MCU was terrific. In the film’s commentary, the Russo brothers, the directors of the film, said that to prepare for the shot, the crew practiced the shot over a dozen times the day before. They knew how emotional the shot would be, so they wanted to get it right. All these things together are why I have it as number 3 on my list.

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