My Top 5 Favorite Quotes In The MCU

1. “That’s my secret Cap. I’m always angry” (Bruce Banner in The Avengers)

Sometimes when I’m at the gym and want to get pumped up before I start running on the treadmill, I watch the scene where Bruce Banner tells Captain America what his secret is. Right after he tells him it’s because he’s “always angry”, he turns into the Hulk and punches the Leviathan. This is then followed by the circling shot of all the Avengers.

I loved this line and scene so much that it’s actually one of my favorite moments in the MCU. The way it all went down, from the quote to the circling shot, was just excellent. I said before that this was the hardest list to make, which is true. Honestly, though, it was not hard to make this number one.

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