My Top 5 Favorite Quotes In The MCU

3. “There was an idea” (Nick Fury in The Avengers)

Lately, The Avengers has been airing on the Epix movie channel. Anytime I see that it’s on and it’s close to Nick Fury’s “there was an idea” speech, I always make sure to watch. I absolutely love this scene. It’s so motivating and also sad at the same time because of Phil Coulson’s death. My favorite part is right after Fury says, “Phil Coulson died still believing in that idea. In Heroes”, Tony Stark dramatically gets up and walks away. It gets me going every time.


I also loved how Marvel Studios used it in their Avengers: Infinity War‘s teaser trailer. In it, they had Fury, Stark, Vision, Thor, and Romanoff recite most of the speech. It’s probably my favorite trailer the studio has ever released.

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