My Top 5 Favorite Fight Scenes In The MCU

1. Captain America vs. Thanos (Avengers: Endgame)

Captain America using Mjölnir to fight Thanos 

The two times I saw Avengers: Endgame in theaters, when Captain America picked up Mjölnir and threw it at Thanos, the audience cheered. Captain America vs. Thanos was much more than just a cool fight, it was a crowd-pleasing moment. Some people would even say it’s one of their favorite moments in the history of the MCU.

Chris Evans says it would be too “risky” to return as Captain America

The fight itself started out in favor of Captain America. With the hammer, he’s able to pound the Mad Titan over and over. He even summons lightning and shocks him. However, as it went on, Thanos was able to recover and wound Cap. At the very end, everyone was shocked to see that Thanos’ sword was able to break Cap’s Vibranium shield. When I saw this the first time in theaters, I remember hearing some girl shouting, “oh my god”. For some, it was an emotional thing to see.


The fight really had it all. It was crowd-pleasing, exciting, entertaining, and emotional. It was not a hard choice to make it number one on my list.

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