Michael Douglas says news about Ant-Man 3 could be coming out “pretty soon”

By Stephen Ippolito | May 11th, 2020

Back November, news broke that Ant-Man 3 was in the works and that director Peyton Reed would return to helm the film.  Since then, besides a writer being chosen, there has not been a lot of news about the film. In fact, it still doesn’t even have a release date. Now according to Michael Douglas, who played Hank Pym in the first two films, that could all soon change.

During a recent Q&A on Instagram, Douglas shares a cryptic update on when we might hear news on the third installment in the Ant-Man series.

“I can’t talk about it,” Douglas said. “Because the Marvel guys, they’ll shoot me with a blowgun. But I think you got to hang tight because there might be some information coming out pretty soon.” 

This is a comprehensive statement that could literally mean anything. It could be something small, like the studio announcing a release date. Or it could be something big like casting news. Also, Douglas’ “pretty soon” comment just seems open-ended, and it could range from weeks to months on when we will hear this so-called new “information.” My hope is that with San Diego Comic-Con announcing they will be streaming panels sometime this summer, this is when we will hear the news.

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