Marvel Studios producer says Kit Harington will not become the Black Knight in Eternals film

By Stephen Ippolito | October 11th, 2021

Since it was announced in the summer of 2019 that actor Kit Harington would play Dane Whitman in the Eternals film, many assumed that the Black Knight would be coming to the MCU. Unfortunately, those looking to see Harington wielding the mighty Ebony Blade in the movie will be disappointed.

During an interview with, Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore said that you will not be seeing the Game of Thrones actor suited up as the longtime Marvel character in the film. Moore did say his transformation into the Black Knight is something that could happen in the future.

“He’s not going to be Black Knight necessarily, but that is something that we get to play with down the road.”

With Harington’s appearances at a minimal so far in the trailers, it really shouldn’t be that surprising that he won’t become the Black Knight in the film. Instead, it looks like most of his plot lines will center around his romantic relationship with Sersi (played by Gemma Chan). Moore would confirm this in the same interview.

“But we very much explored the relationship between Dane Whitman and Sersi,” Moore promised.

As for where we could see Harington become the Black Knight, it’s anybody’s guess. It was revealed today that the Eternals will have two mid/post-credits scenes. So perhaps one of them will give us some indication of what is to come for the character.

Directed by Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao, Eternals hits theaters on November 5th.

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