Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says there are no plans to make Rated-R content beyond Deadpool 3

By Stephen Ippolito | February 24th, 2021

If you were hoping that Marvel Studios would start pumping out Rated-R projects now that there doing one with Deadpool 3, don’t count on it. During today’s Television Critics Association event, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said there are no plans to do more Rated-R content.

“I think we target everything we’re doing for kids and adults, so I think your question is more adult or R-rated,” Feige said during a press stop at Disney’s TCA event. “Other than Deadpool, which has already established itself as a certain genre and a certain rating, that we already said we would not mess with when we started working on Deadpool — which we have — other than that, we haven’t encountered a story or a storyline or a character’s journey that a PG-13, or the tone, or the ratings we’ve been using up to this point has prevented us.”

He added, “We haven’t been held back by. If we ever are, than certainly there can be a discussion that can be had now that there’s other outlets like Star. But that just hasn’t been the case. We’ve told all the stories that we wanted to with the tonality and the rating we have now.”

The upcoming Blade film, starring Mahershala Ali, was seen as another project that could follow the merc with a month and have a heavy rating.

The previous three Blade films, which starred Wesley Snipes, were all Rated-R. All three were packed with blood-filled fight scenes with vampires. The MCU version will now be the first one in the series with a PG-13 rating.

Marvel Studios is owned by family-friendly Disney, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there staying away from mature type content. Hopefully though, Deadpool 3 won’t be the last time we see the MCU cross into Rated-R territory. 

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