Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige considered leaving for DC during the MCU’s Phase Two

By Stephen Ippolito | June 4th, 2022

It’s been long known that a significant creative shift occurred during Marvel Studios’ Phase 2. Throughout it (2013-15), Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige had grown very frustrated with Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac Perlmutter and his “Creative Committee.” Between nitpicking their films on the creative side and trying to cut costs at every corner, the MCU mastermind nearly left the company. Thankfully, then Disney CEO Bob Iger eventually stepped in and reshuffled things so that Feige would no longer report to Perlmutter or his little Committee.

Thanks to a report from Puck’s Matthew Belloni, we now know a little more about how close Feige came to leaving. According to Belloni, Feige had actually started to have “serious discussions” with Warner Brothers about taking over their DC films. In the same piece, Belloni also revealed that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav wants to try and lure Feige away again.

“[David] Zaslav could make another run at Feige, who, I’m told, talked pretty seriously with Warners a few years ago when he was angling to escape the oversight of Marvel’s then-madman C.E.O. Ike Perlmutter.”

Matthew Belloni

While the report didn’t give any details on the chances he would leave, I think it’s safe to say Feige is not going anywhere. Sure Warner Bros. Discovery could offer more money, but that would mean Feige would have to start fresh.

While DC does have some hits over the last few years (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Batman, Peacemaker), its extended story, or DCEU, is a mess and basically nonexistent. It would take years for Feige to get it to anything remotely close to the MCU, which itself is 14 years old. I’m not sure that’s something he wants to do at this point in his career.

It will be interesting to see which direction DC films/shows end up going. As for the MCU, that’s nowhere close to slowing down. At CinemaCon this past April, Feige told a packed house full of attendees that the next 10 years of MCU films were currently being mapped out. This would likely bring the story into Phase Six.  

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