Marvel Studios makes a minor change to the title of their upcoming Eternals film

By Stephen Ippolito | August 27th, 2020

Now listen, this might be the most minor story I’ve ever post on this site. But with how slow news in the MCU has been the last couple of weeks, I will certainly take it. First pointed out by Brandon Davis at Comic, Marvel Studios has made a minor change to their upcoming Phase 4 film The Eternals. Instead of being called “The Eternals,” the official title will now just be “Eternals.”

Davis discovered the news after Disney, Marvel Studios’ parent company, made some changes to their upcoming film slate. Thankfully Black Widow (November 6th) and Eternals (February 12th) did not move from their dates. By not moving them, could this be a sign that the studio is becoming more and more confident that their Marvel films will not be pushed back again?  With more and more theaters in the U.S. reopening each week, it certainly seems like a possibility. 

Hopefully, this is also a sign that a long-awaited trailer that fans desperately want is dropping soon.

What to expect in Eternals trailer

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