Marvel Studios has just started meeting with writers for Fantastic Four film

By Stephen Ippolito | February 21st, 2021

Yesterday a mind-blowing report broke from The Daily Mail that Jennifer Lawrence had been cast in Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four film. They also reported that filming would begin in Australia next month.

Now the king of breaking MCU stories, Justin Kroll of Deadline, has thrown some water on at least part of the report.

According to Kroll, the part about filming beginning next month is not accurate. He says that not only has a script not been written, but writers haven’t even been hired yet. The studio has only recently just started meeting with them so it will be “awhile” before filming starts.

That part of the report was always a little suspicious. Jon Watts, who’s set to direct, is still working on the third Spider-Man film. So for him to start working on it that quick of a turnaround didn’t seem realistic.

What is interesting about Kroll’s Tweet is that he didn’t deny the part about Lawrence being cast, presumably as Sue Storm. Tapped into Hollywood as much as anyone, for him to not deny it means that this report will continue to have life.

With a script nowhere close to being done and Watts still busy with Spider-Man, my guess is that the Fantastic Four won’t begin filming until early next year.

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