Marvel Studios has begun exploring deals with talent in case their movies go straight to Disney+

By Stephen Ippolito | December 16, 2020

Last week, during Disney’s Investor Day event, the company announced that they were staying committed to releasing their 2021 slate of Marvel Studios films exclusively to theaters. Before the event, many had wondered if Disney would follow WarnerMedia’s lead and release their entire 2021 film slate simultaneously on their streaming service and in theaters.

Now according to a report from The Wrap, Marvel and Disney have started preparing for this to be a possibility for films beyond 2021.

Marvel Studios is beginning to explore new talent deals to provide flexibility in case the pandemic or other factors lead the studio to bypass theaters and take films straight to Disney+.

Under the new contract language, key above-the-line talent like actors, writers, directors and producers will receive adjusted compensation depending on whether the film opens in theaters or debuts on the Disney+ streaming service.

The Wrap

The news isn’t really that surprising. With a vaccine coming, many are hoping that theaters will open up to pre-pandemic capacity. However, there’s a chance that with their extended closure and the continuing rise of streaming, theaters may never be the same. For Disney and Marvel to already begin exploring this, is just good strategy on their end and keeps them and their talent covered for any possibility.

The report also says that this will only affect films “that are about to enter production, starting with Black Panther 2“. To me, this would signal that Disney is going to give the theater industry till 2022 to recover. Otherwise, they will follow WarnerMedia path and start releasing their films on their streaming service Disney+.

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