Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige confirms Deadpool 3 will be rated R

By Stephen Ippolito | January 11th, 2021

Over the last couple of days, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been making the interview rounds to promote the upcoming series WandaVision. By doing these interviews, Feige has been providing me and many others with a lot of news material related to the MCU’s future.

The most recent story comes from an interview Feige did with Collider and involves Deadpool 3. During the interview, the Marvel boss confirmed a report from November that third film in the series will in fact, be rated R.

“It will be rated R and we are working on a script right now, and Ryan’s overseeing a script right now… It will not be [filming] this year. Ryan is a very busy, very successful actor. We’ve got a number of things we’ve already announced that we now have to make, but it’s exciting for it to have begun. Again, a very different type of character in the MCU, and Ryan is a force of nature, which is just awesome to see him bring that character to life.”

So as you can see, a couple other exciting things were revealed in the interview. One, with filming not able to begin this year because of star Ryan Reynolds’ busy schedule, it’s safe to say that the earliest we will see it is in 2023.

The second thing revealed is that it will take place in the MCU. It was speculated that because Deadpool is so vulgar and violent, that the film would still be separate from the MCU. Thankfully that is not going to be the case.

My question now as it relates to the second thing is will other MCU characters be in it? Also, if Deadpool is in the next Avengers film, how will he interact with them sense he’s always so vulgar? I’ve always thought a good idea for this would be to still have him swear and all that, but it’s bleeped out. Because Deadpool likes to break the fourth wall, this could be a funny running gag throughout the film. Deadpool could be wondering why he’s being bleeped out. At least for another couple of years, we’re going to just have to wait and see what they do. 

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