Holland: Sony had a “wonderful” idea to take Spider-Man out of the MCU

By Stephen Ippolito | February 26th, 2020

On August 20th, 2019, fans were dealt shocking news when news broke that Sony and Disney had broken off negotiations to continue making Spider-Man films together. This would mean that the next Spidey film would not take place in the MCU. Fans were outraged as #savespiderman became the number one trend on Twitter for that day in the USA. Fortunately, fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief when a month later on September 27th, Sony and Disney announced a new deal to jointly produce a third Spider-Man film and that it would take place in the MCU.

Recently, Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland, gave an interview with MTV News and shared some light on Sony’s plan had the extension not occurred:

“[The] future for Spider-Man was still very bright with Sony and we had a really, really wonderful idea how we could sort of transition into a Spider-Man without the MCU and Tom Rothman and Amy Pascal were really confidant that they were gonna do justice and make a film of the calibre that Spider-Man requires.”

MTV News

There’s a lot of speculation on where the studio would have brought the web-slinger. A popular theory is that Sony would have used the opportunity to have Parker team up or fight Tom Hardy’s Venom. A year earlier, the Spider-Man spinoff made over $800 Million at the worldwide box office, so they knew there would be an audience for that. The studio is also making another spinoff called Morbius, which is based on another Spider-Man villain who’s a vampire. Sony’s plans could have been to have all three in the same movie.

Later on in the interview, Holland would go onto say that he’s happy things worked out between the two studios:

“But that said, I’m really glad to be back in the MCU and to have the team back together because I kind of feel like it’s where he belongs now. I’m really grateful that Bob Iger and Tom Rothman allowed me to be a part of the process of bringing him home, it was a pretty cool experience and also the best bragging rights ever, I saved Spider-Man.”

MTV News

We may never know what Sony’s “wonderful” plans would have been. I have a feeling though, as long as Spidey stays in the MCU, fans will be just fine with that.

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