Hawkeye series casts Echo, Clown, Swordsman; Black Widow’s Florence Pugh will also appear

By Stephen Ippolito | December 3rd, 2020

This week, the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye began filming in New York. It was here that we finally confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld will play Kate Bishop in the MCU. Now thanks to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, we now know of six more castings and even what roles they will play.

According to the outlets, Oscar Nominated actress Vera Farmiga has joined the cast as Eleanor Bishop, the mother of Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop. Actor Fra Fee will play a character named Kazi, aka Kazimierz Kazimierczak. In the 2012-15 Hawkeye comic book series, Kazimierczak was a villain called the Clown.

Also joining the cast is Tony Dalton, who’s best known for his work on the show Better Call Saul. He will play Jack Duquesne, who is a new take on Jacques Duquesne( AKA Swordsman). The Swordsman has a long history in Marvel Comics with Clint Barton. He was acutely the one who trained him when he was young. He later goes on to be both a villain and part of the Avengers.

Also cast is newcomer Alaqua Cox who will play Maya Lopez/Echo. Playing her father, William Lopez will be Zahn McClarnon whose best known for his role on Westworld.

Finally and maybe the most important, Florence Pugh will be reprising her role from Black Widow in the series. Over the summer, it was revealed that Pugh’s character Yelena Belova will become the MCU’s new Black Widow. It seems her first appearance in the role will be in this series.

It’s great to see that Hawkeye will introduce many roles from the comics that fans love. At the moment, it’s not known when the series will hit the Disney streaming service. With filming already begun, I would imagine it will be sometime in late 2021.

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