Georges St-Pierre confirmed to reprise his role as Batroc The Leaper in Falcon and Winter Soldier

By Stephen Ippolito | September 14th, 2020

Last week, the upcoming Disney+ series The Falcon and Winter Soldier finally resumed shooting in Atlanta Georgia. Now through set photos, it’s been revealed that a minor character from Captain America: The Winter Soldier will make his return.

In photos obtained by the celebrity gossip site Just Jared, Georges St-Pierre, who played Georges Batroc, was seen filming scenes. In his first appearance, Batroc, who in the comics is known as Batroc the Leaper, was an Algerian mercenary who was holding a S.H.I.E.L.D. ship hostage. Of course, his plans were foiled by Captain America, Black Widow, and the Strike Team. The highlight of his appearance was a one-on-one hand to hand combat scene between him and the Captain. St-Pierre, a former UFC Welterweight Champion, was able to show off his athletic ability in it.

One can only guess how Batroc will make his way into the series plot-wise. Last we saw him, after being captured he was shown being interrogated by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Perhaps he is freed by Zemo and repays the debt by working for him.

It’s not known when The Falcon and Winter Soldier will premiere on the streamer. It was originally supposed to arrive in August but had to be pushed back because filming could not be completed on time. By the looks of it, we’ll be lucky if it’s released in 2020.

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