Falcon and Winter Soldier will not premiere in August after a report says filming will not resume until the Fall

By Stephen Ippolito | July 1st, 2020

Well, it appears that what everyone thought was going to happen did indeed happen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, filming for Marvel Studios’ first series to hit Disney+, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, will not resume shooting until the Fall. If true, then it pretty much confirms that the series will not make it’s targeted release date in August.

Like I said, it was all but a given that this was going to happen. A couple of weeks ago, one of the co-stars of the series, Anthony Mackie, said in an interview that there was “very little stuff” left to film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that “very little stuff” is nine days of shooting in the Cech Republic. Which is where filming was taking place in March before it was shut down.

Marvel Studios or its parent company, Disney, has not officially announced the delay or filming. However, when it comes to reliable news in this industry, The Hollywood Reporter is as good as it gets to reporting accurate news.

In the end, I think delaying the series will be for the best. As the studio’s first big-budgeted show to hit the streamer, they want to get off to the right start. So delaying it by a month or two to get it up to the highest possible standards is best for everyone.

Anthony Mackie says Falcon and Winter Soldier will look like an MCU film

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