Falcon and the Winter Soldier mid-season trailer teases epic showdown

By Stephen Ippolito | April 12, 2021

(The following contains spoilers for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. You’ve been warned.)

At the end of the last episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it became clear who the real villain is in the show. A super-soldier injected John Walker (played by Wyatt Russell) brutally killed one of the Flag Smashers with his shield in front of a lot of people who also recorded the incident.

Now in a new trailer released by Marvel Studios, it looks like Bucky and Sam will confront Walker about his actions sometime during the final two episodes.

Other than the showdown scene, it seems most of the shots in the 90-second video were from past episodes. Still, that 15 seconds at the end was enough to get me pumped up for the final two episodes.

Episode 5 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives on Disney+ this Friday at 3 AM ET/12 AM PT.

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