Eternals director Chloe Zhao says she was given complete creative freedom for the film

By Stephen Ippolito | September 2nd, 2020

For the second week in a row, the upcoming Eternals film is in the news. This time it comes via The Hollywood Reporter, who did a lengthy profile piece on the film’s director Chloe Zhao. The piece also included comments from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

One thing that stood out in the profile is that Zhao says she was given complete creative control over the $200 Million plus budgeted movie.

“I shot exactly the way I wanted to shoot,” she says. “On location. A lot of magic hour… I think I got lucky in that Marvel wants to take risks and do something different.”

It’s good to hear that Marvel allowed Zhao creative freedom for the film. In the past, there have been situations where that wasn’t the case. Most recently, Scott Derrickson was supposed to direct the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He left though because of creative decisions.

During the interview, Feige also revealed that in the studios’ first meeting with Zhao, they knew she had a special vision for the film.

“Her initial pitch to us was fascinating,” says Feige. “And frankly one of the reasons we moved forward on the movie was because of the vision that she brought to it.”

Feige also talked about how Eternals will have the MCU’s first LGBTQ relationship. It will involve Brian Tyree Henry’s character Phastos.

“Was always sort of inherent in the story and the makeup of the different types of Eternals,” says Feige. “I think it is extremely well done, and I look forward to that level of inclusion in our future movies being less of a topic.”

It’s good to hear that this will become more frequent in the MCU. As for when, during Marvel’s presentation at Comic-Con in 2019, actress Tessa Thompson teased that Valkyrie will try and find “her queen” in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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