Disney Investor Day to be held on October 7th

By Stephen Ippolito | September 19th, 2020

Last month during the Walt Disney Company’s third-quarter earnings call, CEO Bob Chapek said the company would be holding an Investor Day in the fall. The event would be done to showcase their upcoming shows/films on Disney+. The company has used these events to make announcements for upcoming projects by Marvel Studios in the past. Well, it appears we know precisely when this event will occur. According to the website LiveStorm, it’s set to be held on October 7th at 1pm ET.

My gut feeling says this will be when we find out exactly when WandaVision will hit the streamer. Last week, through a promo on social media, it was confirmed that the Scarlet Witch and Vision led show would still be released in 2020. With production shut down all spring and summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was doubt that a December release was still doable.

It is possible that we could also find out when The Falcon and Winter Soldier will be released. Initially, that was supposed to be the first Marvel Studios produced show to hit the streaming service (August). But because production is not nearly as done as WandaVision, it’s now expected to premiere after it (early 2021).   

As for if this is when we will see a trailer? That seems less likely. While footage is shown during these events, the webcast would go to a break as the video is only shown to those in attendants.  Hopefully, it is released online simultaneously, but don’t be surprised if it’s not.

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