Disney CEO praises upcoming MCU shows; no update on when they will be released

By Stephen Ippolito | August 5th, 2020

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding when Marvel Studios’ new shows will make their debut on Disney+. Initially, the first show, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, was expected to be released later this month but was delayed. It would then be followed by WandaVision in December, and Loki in the spring.  While both are still on track to be released on time, they still need to finish shooting.

During the company’s third-quarter earnings call on Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek was asked when we can expect to see these shows. While he didn’t give any timetable on when they will drop, he did say he is very pleased with what he’s seen so far.

“We’ve also got a slew of Marvel content that’s going to be coming that we’re very excited about. And these require us to reenter into production, but it’s such a priority that we’re hopeful that this will be coming shortly to enable us to, again, not only sustain but continue to grow. And I would tell you that the content is fabulous, Loki, Falcon, and Winter Soldier and WandaVision, three Marvel properties that we’re really, really excited about.”

It’s good to see that the big boss is very pleased with what they’ve shot to this point. Given the cost and expectations, it would be a big disappointment if he wasn’t.

As for when they will hit the streamer like he said, they all need to get back into production first before they will know. Thankfully it looks like that will be happening soon

Don’t expect future MCU films to start arriving on VOD after only 17 days in theaters

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