Could Black Widow be delayed?

Could Black Widow be delayed?

By Stephen Ippolito | March 4, 2020

Earlier today the film world was stunned to learn that No Time To Die, the upcoming James Bond film starring Daniel Craig, was being pushed back due to the Coronavirus’ spread across the globe and its effect on theaters. Originally scheduled to open April 2 in the U.K. and April 10 in the United States, will now open November 12, in the U.K. and November 25 in the US.

The news has some wandering if Marvel Studios’ Black Widow will soon meet the same fate. Scheduled to open up on May 1, MCU films have become very popular across the globe. Especially in China, where the virus has caused all of the country’s 70,000 theaters to close. Of Avengers: Endgame’s record-breaking $2.8 Billion in earnings, over $600 Million came from China alone. The countries box office has become a significant revenue stream for Marvel Studios and its parent company Disney.

However, Deadline is reporting that Disney is “adamant” on keeping its release date the same. If a change did occur, the site says that the Scarlett Johansson led film would be moved to Marvel’s The Eternals release date (Nov. 6). Which would also be pushed back to sometime in 2021. Disney has been telling theaters releases will stay the same for the time being.

With a month and a half to go before the MCU’s Phase Four is set to begin, if Disney decides to change the course, they will have to decide soon.  As disappointed as that may be, it just shows the seriousness of this virus. Across the globe, there have been over 95,000 cases and 3,200 deaths related to the virus. Last week It caused the U.S. stock market to have it’s worst week since the 2008 recession. Disney has already been effected economically, as it was forced to close it’s Shanghai theme park indefinitely on Jan. 25.

In conclusion, as much as we love this film universe, somethings are just more important, and we must put aside our fandom to deal with it. 

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