Chris Pratt confirms Star-Lord’s return for Thor: Love and Thunder, says filming expected to begin in the coming weeks

By Stephen Ippolito | January 1st, 2021

It’s been reported for almost a year that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be joining Thor in his next film, Thor: Love and Thunder. The news really wasn’t a surprise after the way Avengers: Endgame ended, which saw the God of Thunder catch a ride with the Guardians. Now thanks to Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, we finally have confirmation of this and know exactly when filming will begin.

During a Livestream on Instagram for a charity event Feed Thy Neighbor, Pratt was joined by Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland. During their discussion, Pratt started talking about his role in the upcoming Thor film and when it’s expected to start shooting.

“I’ve got Guardians coming up next year,” Pratt said. “And I’ve got Thor, I’m gonna go be in Thor in Australia. So I’ll be traveling to Australia in about a week.”

About 30 seconds after he said this, a funny exchange occured between him and Holland about whether Pratt was supposed to reveal this. This is something that Holland himself has been known to do in the past. The exchange went like this:

Holland: “Did you just say you’re going to be in Thor?”

Pratt: “Yeah. Am I not supposed to say that?”

Holland: “That’s so crazy, I feel like no one knew that.”

Pratt: “No, they knew that. I think they knew that. No they knew that. If they didn’t know that they know now. Oh shit.”

For the record, this is something fans knew. It just was never confirmed. I’m sure Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige won’t be bothered by this reveal.

As for Thor: Love and Thunder, it certainly is turning into one of the most hyped up films in all of Phase 4. In fact, it’s been reported that because of its large ensemble cast, the studio thinks it will have an “Avengers 5 feel”.

Joining Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and the Guardians will be Valkyrie, Jane Foster (Female Thor), Korg, and Sif. They will all be taking on Gorr The God Butcher, who will be played by Christian Bale.

As Pratt said, filming will begin in the coming weeks with Taika Waititi once again behind the camera as the director. Look for Thor: Love and Thunder to hit theaters on May 6, 2022.

To hear Pratt talk about the Thor news, scroll to 1:45:10 in the video below:

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