Captain Marvel actor Ben Mendelsohn says in an early script Talos was going to die

By Stephen Ippolito | August 19th, 2020

While I did consider 2019’s Captain Marvel to be a tad overrated, I did enjoy Ben Mendelsohn’s portrayal of the Talos. Going into the film, it was thought that Talos, leader of the shape-shifting Skull race, was going to be the villain. However, Marvel Studios decided to change things up from the comics, and make him an entertaining, likable ally who provided the best meme in the movie.

Now in an interview with NME, Mendelsohn reveals that early on in the film’s development, Talos was originally not going to make it through the whole movie.

“That truly exceeded my expectations,” Mendelsohn said of the Marvel Studios movie. “[Talos] was gonna die at around page 60 [in the script] originally and he survived that, so he’s done pretty well. And if that f***ing shapeshifter rears his ugly head again, I’ll do my best to be inside it.”

Many fans would probably agree that Marvel made the right call by not having him bite the dust early in the film.

After his debut, Mendelsohn made a cameo appearance as Talos during the after-credits of Spider-Man: Far From Home. It revealed that he and his wife, Soren, had been pretending to be Nick Fury and Maria Hill for the entire film. Fury was then seen in a spaceship with the rest of the Skulls.

While it’s not been confirmed, I would expect Mendelsohn to return as Talos for Captain Marvel 2. The Phase 4 film is slated to come out July 8, 2022. Recently it had some big news when it added a new director.

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