Brie Larson says she turned down Captain Marvel role twice before accepting it

By Stephen Ippolito | September 3rd, 2020

Over the last couple of months, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has been keeping herself busy with a YouTube Channel she created. While she waits to return to work, she’s been posting random videos of things she wants to talk about or show people.

This week she continued on a topic she previously talked about, her auditions. When the time came for her to talk about Captain Marvel, the actress revealed that she originally didn’t accept the role of Carol Danvers.

“I remember getting a call and they said ‘Marvel is interested in you playing Captain Marvel’, and I was like ‘Oh, I can’t do that, I have too much anxiety, that’s too much for me, I don’t think I can handle that, so tell them no.’ And my team was like ‘OK, for sure.’ I think a couple months later, they called and were like ‘They called again, are you sure?’ And I was like ‘Yeah, I’m too much of an introvert, that’s way too big of a thing for me.’ It was beyond my comprehension. And then they called a third time and were like ‘Are you sure?’ So, the point is, every time I was like ‘Tell them no’ and thought my team was telling them no, they were not. Cause I think they were like, ‘She would be great at this…”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard an actor/actress turn down a role in the MCU because of anxiety. In May, Captain America actor Chris Evans revealed in an interview that in 2010 he at first turned down the role of Steve Rogers because of the same issues. Personally, I’m happy they were able to overcome this and accept the parts. Anxiety is no joke. It’s a serious mental health disorder that can be tough to overcome.

Also in the video, Larson revealed that she auditioned for other MCU films before her Captain Marvel role. Those movies were Iron Man 2 and Thor. She did not say what the roles were.

As for when we will see Larson portray Captain Marvel again. Unless she pops up in another MCU film, it won’t be until July 2022 when Captain Marvel 2 is released. Last month we learned that the studio hired Nia DaCosta as its director.

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