Bovada has Krasinski and Blunt as the betting favorites for roles in the MCU’s Fantastic Four film

By Stephen Ippolito | December 19th, 2020

Now that Marvel Studios’ upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four has a director, the next big step is finding out the cast. The question of who will play Marvel’s first family has gotten so popular that sports bettors have gotten even involved to try and make some money off it.

Bovada, one of the biggest online sports betting websites, has begun taking bets on which actors/actresses will play who in the MCU’s Fantastic Four. Some of the top names are very similar to fan castings that have been seen online in recent years. But some of them are not and are completely out of left field.

For the role of Mister Fantastic, the site has The Office’s John Krasinski (+200) as the favorite. Krasinski has been the fans’ top choice for the role since Disney purchased Fox. Other choices were John David Washington (+400) and Dan Stevens (+450).

Favored to play his wife, Susan Storm (aka The Invisible Woman) is Krasinski’s real-life wife Emily Blunt (+300). Also on the list is Lily James (+550), and Samara Weaving (+550). For her brother Johnny Storm (AKA Human Torch) actors Anthony Ramos and Zac Efron are tied at +400 to land the role.

To play Ben Grimm (AKA The Thing), English actor Stephen Graham (+450) is currently the favorite.  Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who’s my pick for the role, is at the bottom of the list with a +1800. The fact that he was even on this gives me hope.

To play Doctor Doom, who they are assuming will be the villain, The Mandalorian actor Giancarlo Esposito (+350) is the favorite. Over the summer, Esposito did an interview in which he said a role in the MCU would “likely” be his next step. Perhaps Bovada was paying attention when he said that.

By no means do I think that just because Bovada has someone as the favorite means that they actually are. In fact, I think there’s a better chance of Marvel picking people that were not even mentioned on this list. Until it’s announced by studio head Kevin Feige, will just have to wait and see.

Check out Bovada’s full list Below:

Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic)

John Krasinski (+200)

John David Washington (+400)

Dan Stevens (+450)

Dev Patel (+700)

Ewan McGregor (+850)

Glenn Howerton (+900)

Rahul Kohli (+1200)

William Jackson Harper (+1200)

Susan Storm (The Invisible Woman)

Emily Blunt (+300)

Lily James (+550)

Samara Weaving (+550)

Alice Eve (+650)

Jessica Chastain (+650)

Anna Torv (+900)

Dianna Agron (+900)

Rose McIver (+900)

Mackenzie Davis (+1200)

Johnny Storm (Human Torch)

Anthony Ramos (+400)

Zac Efron (+400)

Riz Ahmed (+500)

Taron Egerton (+600)

Dacre Montgomery (+650)

Ansel Elgort (+850)

KJ Apa (+850)

Liam Hemsworth (+1000)

Andrew Garfield (+1500)

Ben Grimm (The Thing)

Stephen Graham (+450)

Dean Norris (+500)

Laz Alonso (+550)

Ricky Whittle (+650)

John Cena (+700)

Dominic Purcell (+750)

Jared Keeso (+1200)

Nathan Fillion (+1400)

Terry Crews (+1400)

Dwayne Johnson (+1800)

Doctor Doom

Giancarlo Esposito (+350)

Cillian Murphy (+500)

Michael Fassbender (+500)

Viggo Mortensen (+500)

Christoph Waltz (+700)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (+700)

Wes Bentley (+900)

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