Black Widow’s projected domestic box-office opening rises to $80M-$110M

By Stephen Ippolito | July 5th, 2021

Last month, Shawn Robbins, an analyst for Box Office Pro, wrote that he was projecting Marvel Studios’ Black Widow would earn $65M-$90M during its opening weekend domestically. Now just days before its release (July 9th), he’s risen his forecast.

In an updated projection released last Friday, Roberts now says that the Scarlett Johansson-led film will earn $80M-$110M during opening weekend. He also raised how much it would make overall in the U.S. to $205M-310M (up from $155M-$225M).

As for why he’s raised his forecast, Roberts gave multiple reasons.

“The outlook for Disney and Marvel Studios’ Black Widow is getting better and better. Marketing has kicked into high gear and ignited the buzz engine for the past few weeks, with another seven days left to make an impact. Very positive reviews from 155 critics have sent the highly anticipated film to a strong 83 percent Rotten Tomatoes score. Ticket pre-sale activity is also leagues ahead of F9 at the same point in the pre-release cycle… this is clearly going to be an event-level piece of entertainment across all available mediums.”

Disney and Marvel must be really excited to see projections for the Phase Four film keep going up.

What’s impressive is that Black Widow will also be available to watch on Disney+’s Premier Access ($30 fee) the same day it hits theaters. Clearly, Disney’s decision to do a hybrid release is having little if any, impact on its box-office numbers.

Don’t be surprised if Black Widow makes even more than $110M during its three-day opening weekend. So how much do you think the film will earn?

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1 thought on “Black Widow’s projected domestic box-office opening rises to $80M-$110M

  1. Most of Marvel’s Audience are people who have taken the vaccine. I believe the film needs to at least make $100 Million in order to cover the film’s rumored budget. I will be seeing the film on Disney Plus Premiere Access, just so I can re-watch the film multiple times. I’ll likely see it later in theaters as well. If Disney continues to do this, it will be easier for fans to keep up with the new releases. I had to wait 4 days to see Endgame because theaters were packed.

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