Black Widow’s delay is projected to triple its return at the box-office

By Stephen Ippolito | April 8th, 2021

Last month, Disney once again delayed the release of its upcoming Marvel Studios film Black Widow. The Phase 4 film was set to be released in theaters in early May. Now it will come out on July 9th, not just in theaters, but also on Disney+ as well.

While fans like myself wish they had just kept the May release date, box-office experts say that by pushing the film back two months, it will increase its domestic return by +300%.

According to box-office site The Numbers, Black Widow would have earned around $45 million overall in North America if it kept its May 7th release date. But since it’s moved to July, it’s now projected to earn $63 million during opening weekend and $170 million overall. That’s quite a difference.

In a recent interview with The Observer, Senior Box Office Analyst at Exhibitor Relations Jeff Bock, said he also agrees that the move will only help the film.

“As far as Marvel goes and other films that have pushed further back into summer, that can only help their cause at this point, as the science of things points to the film industry getting more resilient across the board,” Bock said. “That’s excellent news for blockbusters, considering budgets usually balloon upwards of $200M these days.”

Personally, I don’t think that the May ($45 Million) overall projection is accurate. Godzilla vs. Kong just made $48 Million in its first five days of release in the United States. Black Widow, which is part of a more popular film franchise (MCU), would have done even better. Especially since it would have been released a month later when even more theaters would be open.

I do think that the site’s initial point that the studio will make more money by pushing it back is true. It just stinks that we have to wait even longer to see it.

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