Black Widow has officially been delayed

Black Widow has officially been delayed

By Stephen Ippolito | March 17th, 2020

Well it’s now official, the start of the MCU’s Phase 4 has officially been pushed back. Disney, parent company of Marvel Studios, has announced that Black Widow has been delayed due to the Coronavirus. The film was scheduled to open on May 1st. With rival studios also pushing back their releases the last couple of weeks it had only been a matter of time before the decision was made to push back arguably the biggest film of the summer.

As devastating as it is to fans, it was 100% the right move. Over the last couple of days, a delay seemed even more certain after major movie theater chains, AMC and Regal, announced they would be closing all US theaters for the foreseeable future.

What is not known is when the film will be released. A couple of weeks ago, Deadline reported on a scenario that Disney had discussed internally.  The plan would be for Black Widow to be moved to Marvel’s The Eternals release date (Nov. 6). Which, in turn, would also be pushed back to sometime in 2021. However as of this moment, nothing has been decided.

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